Burgos Cathedral celebrates its 8th centenary in 2021. Hence the Cathedral’s 8th Centenary Foundation. Burgos 2021 is hosting an International Congress on the meaning of cathedrals in Western culture, from the Middle Ages to modern times.

The various round tables in the congress will discuss themes such as the origins of cathedrals (from the 8th to the 12th century), the “golden age of cathedrals” (13th to 16th century), cathedrals outside of Europe, cathedrals in Reformed territories, cathedrals in the 19th and 20th centuries, the documentary, bibliographic and musical heritage of cathedrals, and their management, restoration and communication models. One of the round tables will be specifically devoted to Burgos Cathedral, concerning its relations with Europe and the world.

Each of the themed round tables will be organised around keynote speeches, given by people who are experts in each of the periods and subjects and around papers that will be presented and published in conference proceedings.

Organising bodies and Chairmen

Organising bodies

Fundación VIII Centenario de la Catedral. Burgos 2021
Archbishopric of Burgos
Metropolitan Chapter of Burgos
Faculty of Theology of Northern Spain. Headquarters in Burgos
Cátedra de Estudios del Patrimonio Artístico Alberto C. Ibáñez (University of Burgos)

Chairman of Honour of the Congress

His Grace, Mario Iceta Gavicagogeascoa. Archbishop of Burgos

Scientific Chairmen of the Congress

José Luis Barriocanal Gómez. Dean of the Faculty of Theology of Northern Spain
Santiago del Cura Elena. Cathedral Chapter
René Jesús Payo Hernanz. Lecturer in the History of Art (University of Burgos)

Scientific Committee

Isidro Bango Torviso (Autónoma University of Madrid)
José Luis Barriocanal Gómez (Faculty of Theology of Northern Spain)
Paul Binski (University of Cambridge)
Santiago del Cura Elena (Faculty of Theology of Northern Spain)
María del Pilar García Cuetos (University of Oviedo)
Ascensión Hernández Martínez (University of Zaragoza)
María Victoria Herráez Ortega (University of León)
Julián Hoyos Alonso (University of Burgos)
Henrik Karge (Technische Universität Dresden)
Rafael López Guzmán (University of Granada)
Saturnino López Santidrián (Metropolitan Chapter of Burgos)
José Matesanz del Barrio (University of Burgos)
María del Carmen Morte García (University of Zaragoza)
René Jesús Payo Hernanz (University of Burgos)
Matías Vicario Santamaría (Metropolitan Chapter of Burgos)
María José Zaparaín Yáñez (University of Burgos)

Scientific Committee

Technical Committee

Technical Committee

Piluca Gil Ballesteros. General director Fundación VIII Centenario de la Catedral. Burgos 2021
Carlos Izquierdo Yusta
José María Vicente Domingo
María Jesús Martínez Urrutia
Silvia Arribas Alonso
Berta Balbás Arranz
Jéssica Barbero Diez
Cristina Casado García
Beatriz García Aparicio
Daniel García Soria
Marta Juez Cruces
Ramón Lozano Girón
Patricia Para Olalla
Isabel Pinto Pascual
María Isabel Rodríguez Rodero