All personal data that are provided electronically by means of the completed forms will be recorded in a file owned by FUNDACIÓN VIII CENTENARIO DE LA CATEDRAL. BURGOS 2021 (CATHEDRAL 8th CENTENARY FOUNDATION - BURGOS 2021), the body responsible for organising the Congress. The answers to the questions regarding personal data that are marked with an asterisk (*) in the forms are mandatory. To exercise your rights, please see the privacy policy.

The data are collected in order to answer questions, obtain statistical data and to register natural persons for the Congress and for activities related to it. The purpose of said file(s) is, therefore, the fulfilment and correct management of relations with you in your capacity as a participant in the Congress, and the use of data for informative, educational and promotional purposes concerning the activities related to the Congress in particular and to the Foundation in general. Due to the coronavirus situation, the data may be used for COVID-19 health monitoring purposes.

Under no circumstances will the Congress organisation or the Foundation use your personal data for purposes other than those mentioned above, except with the prior notice as stated on the website, giving individual users a reasonable period to object to said use.

The Foundation’s files are registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency in accordance with Spanish legislation and the Foundation applies the relevant security measures to the data and files it holds in accordance with the provisions of said legislation.