Round table 4. Beyond the Middle Ages and beyond Europe


Gloria Espinosa Spínola (University of Almería)

Rafael López Guzmán (University of Granada) Spanish-American cathedrals: models and proposals

Julián Hoyos Alonso (University of Burgos)

This round table will focus on the changes that cathedrals have undergone throughout the centuries in order to adapt to new needs and new tastes. There will be an analysis of the cathedrals built in Andalusia during the Renaissance. There will also be an analysis of the evolution of cathedrals after the Protestant Reformation and of the orthodox world. It will study cathedrals constructed throughout the American continent and in other parts of the world, from the 16th century to the present. The influence of neo-styles on cathedrals will be considered, both in those already existing and in newly built cathedrals, with a special focus on styles such as neo-Gothic and their importance in other religious buildings. There will also be a discussion about the building of cathedrals from the 19th century to the present.


4.1 Processes of adaptation and reconfiguration of old cathedrals
4.2 Andalusian cathedrals in the 16th century
4.3 Cathedrals in Reformed territories
4.4 American cathedrals
4.5 Orthodox cathedrals, the Eastern world, Asia, Africa and Oceania
4.6 Cathedrals and neo-styles
4.7 Contemporary cathedrals

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