Round table 6. The challenges of cathedrals in the 21st century


María José Zaparaín Yáñez (University of Burgos)

Ignacio González de Santiago (University of Burgos)

Cathedrals continue to be living centres in modern times. This round table will discuss relations between worship and culture and will discuss different ownership and management models. There will also be an analysis of conservation, restoration and renovation models and trends. In addition, there will be an examination of communication models in modern-day cathedrals, museums, visitor reception and interpretation centres. There will be an analysis of the economic influences of cathedrals on their surroundings. There will be a focus on new technology applied to all fields related to cathedrals. Finally, there will be a debate on education and teaching.


6.1 Relations between worship and tourism in cathedrals
6.2 Conservation, restoration and renovation models
6.3 Types of ownership
6.4 Management models
6.5 Cathedral museums
6.6 Tourist interpretation centres and cathedrals
6.7 Visitor reception centres
6.8 Cathedrals as exhibition and cultural venues
6.9 The economic impact of cathedrals
6.10 Communication and dissemination systems
6.11 New technology and the promotion of heritage
6.12 The teaching of heritage
6.13 Education and cathedrals

Call for Abstracts