All papers will be published in the Congress Proceedings.

Complete papers must arrive on or before 10 April 2022 (included).

The rules of presentation can be found in the templates available on this page. This template MUST be used for the presentation of papers. Papers that do not observe these instructions will be returned to their authors to be rewritten according to the guidance.

The definitive abstract must be in English and/or Spanish. They should include between three and five keywords in Spanish and/or in English. The complete text should have a maximum of 25,000 characters, including spaces, including keywords, abstract, introduction, development, conclusions, bibliographical references and figure index. It may be written in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese or German. Citations must be done in the Harvard style. For more information about citations in the Harvard style, please see the following links:

The paper may include a maximum of FIVE figures that must be delivered together with the text in separate files: the figures must have a maximum size of 3 MB and 300 dpi, any image format, identifying each file with the number of the figure. Illustrations, photographs, graphics and tables will be considered as figures. All the figures must have the corresponding permissions, publication rights and credits, previously prepared by the authors.

In order for the paper to be published in the conference proceedings, at least one of the authors must be registered to attend the Congress. IMPORTANT: responsible declaration must be signed.