Accommodation and transport

The city has a wide range of hotels to suit all tastes and requirements. There are numerous hotels and guest houses of all types, both close to the Congress venue and farther away, if you wish to stay in another part of the city.

Accommodation map in Burgos (pdf)

Burgos is located close to several international airports:

It is two and a half hours from Madrid Airport-Barajas Adolfo Suarez. There is a direct coach connection to Burgos.

Santander Airport-Seve Ballesteros Airport - is located 180 km from Burgos. There is no direct connection to Burgos and so you will need to go to the coach station by bus or taxi and take a coach to Burgos from there.

Bilbao Airport (170 km away) and Valladolid Airport-Villanubla (134 km away) do not have a direct connection to Burgos and so you will need to go to their coach stations by bus or taxi. Train connections are more recommended for travel between Valladolid and Burgos.

The Burgos coach station is located in calle Miranda, 400 metres (about 5 minutes on foot) from the Human Evolution Complex, the congress venue. There is a taxi rank in calle Madrid, No. 5.

Burgos has good train connections with several cities such as Barcelona. You will arrive at Burgos Station - Rosa de Lima - which is located 5 km from the city centre and is connected by buses and a 24-hour taxi service. Finally, if you choose private transport, Burgos is very well connected to all nearby towns and cities by dual carriageways and motorways.

City bus lines

TELF: +34 947 277777

TELF: +34 947 481010

There are taxi ranks close to the Congress venue: plaza del Cid and calle Vitoria, 27.